Rise and shine! It’s gonna be a beautiful day. You’re feeling rested and ready to go. You’ve got your morning routine down: shower, go-to outfit, breakfast, and your daily dose of news headlines. Done and done. It’s now time to get to work. Your commute? Just a few steps to your home office. 

Whether we like it or not, we’ve become well versed in our new reality of lockdowns and quarantines, keeping us working, studying, socializing, and even celebrating in the confines of our home. We miss the energy of in-person interactions, happy hours with co-workers, and even, on our loneliest days, the congestion of bumper-to-bumper traffic and jam-packed subway cars.

But here’s the real deal: working from home can actually be a dream come true (minus the global pandemic, of course). You just need to create a comfortable, functional, productivity-inspiring space. After all, it’s only in your home where you have complete control over your office (and where full clothing is optional). 

Looking for ideas on how to organize your workspace to be both comfy and attractive? Read on for 5 Tips to Add Beauty & Functionality to Your Home Office, and get inspired with us. 


1. Ain’t No Desk Like Your Desk.

Don’t settle for your regular ol’ seen-it-a-million-times-before desk. You are a creator, a leader. You pride yourself in your uniqueness, and the space where you work is no different. It should inspire you (and hopefully help you with those moments of procrastination).

This means picking a desk that speaks to who you are. Do you need space to spread out all your gadgets? Opt for a wide desk with plenty of surface space that allows you to unleash your creativity. Do you get restless or annoyed sitting at your desk all day? Try a desk with adjustable height so you can alternate between sitting and standing. There are so many elements that define a perfect deskcreate a checklist of what’s most important to you and think about what type of desk will help you feel your best and most productive.

If you don’t have space to upgrade your desk, think about changes you can make to your seating arrangements instead. Having the right chair, with the right support and right features, is more important than you may think. For example, if comfort is critical, you’ll want to find a chair that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine throughout the day. If back support is a priority, think about those lumbar adjustments. And who knows, you might find a chair that combines all your favorite things into one (and look swanky to boot)!

Don’t have time or patience to find the perfect desk or chair? Get inspired from the space around you. Your personal style should flow into your workspace, so design with that tone in mind. Every detail matters: from your chair to lamp to even your Joule power bar. Everything should bring you joy (we’re feeling you Marie Kondo).


Image sourced from Unsplash 

2. Think Outside of The Desk.

Nothing ground-breaking ever came from coloring inside the lines. The same goes for your home office set-up. Use the space you have (or don’t have) strategically and with purpose. Too much clutter on your desk? Add some shelves and get organized. Wall space taken? Consider the space underneath your desk. From stackable organizers to rolling file cabinets, this is prime real estate that can be used to your advantage. Straight up power move.

No space to experiment with add-ons? No problem! Dive into those DIY tricks and create your own spaces that help you stay organized. For example, try crafting a nifty keyboard tray to add more space to your desk and help remove clutter. Or better yet, use your existing caddies, trays, or boxes lying around the house to give your desk some extra life and extra storage space. You’ll be channeling your creative genius into practical solutions to help you stay organized and productive. Boom.


Image sourced from Pinterest 

3. Paint the Town [Insert Color].

Color is magical and can instantly make a room stand out. Brighten your work space with splashes of hues that make you feel marvelous and ready to tackle the day. Or better yet, choose a color that jives with your mood. In need of some calming vibes to balance a hectic schedule? Opt for soothing tones, like blues, greens,and whites, and create your own zen. Feeling like you’re lacking energy but have much to get done? Energizing hues, like orange and yellow, are an instant boost (who needs coffee all day?). 

Whatever your preference, adding color is great for inspiration. Not ready to take a full-wall plunge? Start with a pop of color, like our JouleBAR in Apple Red, to jazz up your space.


Image sourced from Unsplash 

4. Art. But Make It Functional. 

Including elements of functional décor will up your desk aesthetic and give you more space for what you need mostlike your extensive pen collection or your oversized Moleskine. Find your standard, single-function objects and swap them out for works of art that are both beautiful and functional.

Extend this approach to the space around you as well. Deck the walls with photography, illustrations, and paintings to help you escape every now and then, and find that little mental break that can lead to a breakthrough. Surrounding yourself with inspiration can be liberating. And sometimes that’s all it takes to feel more productive and centered (trust us, you won’t regret it).


Image sourced from Unsplash 

5. Sweat the “Small” Stuff.

You’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect work environment at home and life is in blissful harmony. That’s it, right? Wrong. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s one more thing to tackle: all of your electronic devices (shaking fist in the air). What are they plugging in to? How are all those batteries being charged? Why do you only have two outlets near your desk?

Luckily, we have an easy solution for powering all your devices and even that snazzy desk lamp: grab yourself a power strip (but not the ugly kind).

Our JouleBAR gives you both beauty and functionality, all in one modern, sleek-looking package. It’s designed to be seen (read: no more hiding under your desk), and compliment your space just like everything else you've curated.  

So what are you waiting for? Choose the JouleBAR color for youblack, white, redand get productive. 

Show us how you’re bringing beauty and functionality into your home office! Tag us @hellojoule and #hellojoule. We can’t wait to see your space.