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Two words that tell our entire story. Why do surge protectors and power strips have to be dull and boring? Why can’t they be gorgeous and exciting? We think they can. Welcome to Joule, where we believe all things can be elevated through thoughtful design. Even the everyday power strip.

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These days, it seems we can't survive without our cell phones, laptops, tablets, battery packs, digital cameras, and so on. Charging all those batteries can be challenging, especially in public places like airports and coffee shops where power outlets are prime real estate. So if you’re on the go with multiple devices in your bag, bring a Joule to compliment your gear and make charging multiple batteries a little easier.


We Made Useful, Beautiful.

We wrapped two standard electrical outlets and two USB ports in anodized aluminum featuring a beveled edge, and laser engraved logo mark giving Joule a timeless elegance in any environment.

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Then We Made Useful, More Useful.

(A) Lighted Outlets

Because trying to find a power outlet in the dark sucks.

(B) Built-in Safety

ETL Tested and Certified with built-in surge protection.

(C) 3-position Power Switch

1. Power with lights   2. OFF  3. Minimal power or "eco mode" setting (usb charging only) which eliminates power for illumination and 110V electrical outlets.

(D) Interchangeable Power Cable

Our cables come in different lengths because different situations require different extension. Joule comes with a 4 foot cable in the box, and an 8 foot cable for extra reach is also available (sold separately).

(E) Dual 2.1A USB Ports

Enough juice to charge all your portable devices.


Going Somewhere?

Nobody wants to carry an ugly extension cord around in public but sometimes you wish you had. So we made Joule and fixed ugly. Now there’s a device that charges all your stuff when you hit the road, and looks good doing it. And you get to be the cool–and thoughtful–person who brings enough outlets to share. 

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