Features and Specs

3-POSITION POWER SWITCH. Product has three power settings:

Position 1 – Power and illumination is turned ON to all outlets (three 110V electrical outlet and two 2.1A USB ports)

Position 2 – Power to entire product is turned OFF

Position 3 – Power to 110V electrical outlets and all illumination is turned OFF; power remains ON only in two 2.1A USB ports; this is also known as the "Eco-Friendly Mode"

DUAL 2.1 AMP USB PORTS. Provides power to devices via USB cable (not included).

“ECO-FRIENDLY MODE.” This setting only provides power to two 2.1A USB ports.

INTERCHANGEABLE POWER CABLE. JouleBAR comes with a 4ft, UL-rated, 16 AWG power cable. Additional 4ft and 8ft cables are available for purchase.

LIGHTED OUTLETS: Each outlet (three 110V electrical outlet and 2.1A USB ports) emits a soft glow when the product is in the ON setting.

SURGE PROTECTION: JouleBAR provides 500 joules surge protection to protect devices from minor voltage spikes.

Weight: 205g (7.23oz)

Dimensions: 154mm x 62mm x 34mm

Input: 120VAC 50/60Hz 15A

Output: 120VAC 50/60Hz 15A (Direct)

USB Ports (x2): DC5V 2.1A

Available Colors: Piano White, Matte Black, and Apple Red