Meet Joule

Boss. Rebel. Rulebreaker. Game changer.
Leader. Dreamer. Go-getter.

That’s you.
And that’s us.

We firmly believe the best moments, the brightest ideas, the coolest products come when we stop and think about the why; when we dare to say f*ck this, and challenge what we know; when we find the courage to make our own rules.

That’s exactly how Joule was born.

Here’s what happened:

On a winter day in 2015, our founder and CEO Harp Ghoman, got into a fight with a power strip. And in that moment, in the midst of cable chaos and dark outlets, he thought “Is this really the best that we can do?”

In true rebel fashion, Harp already knew the answer. He felt it in his gut. And instead of letting go and moving on, he decided to do something about it.

He decided to challenge the idea of what a power strip should be, to create something beautiful and functional that would drive creativity and enable inspiration.

That is how Joule came to be. And that very idea of thinking outside the box, of leading the way, and driving change is at the essence of our JouleBAR.

Are you feeling heard? Are you feeling inspired? Join us on this journey of change and discovery. Find your voice. Make your own rules. Create inspiration. And, most of all, never follow.

That’s the secret, fellow Joulers.

Keep at it. We’re right there with you.