Press Coverage

The compact power bar power bar is capable of turning a single outlet into a productivity powerhouse...

JouleBAR is the coolest thing to happen to electricity since neon.

JouleBAR is a great travel companion for all your electronics in places like the airport or coffee shop where power outlets are prime real estate.

Use it [JouleBAR] at the airport while waiting for your flight to protect against 'juice jacking'

Why are we featuring this in  RECORDING? Because, in my opinion, it’s the best portable power strip I’ve come across for musicians on the go.

With its modern and compact design, the versatile JouleBAR can keep any music pro powered in the studio, on stage, or on the road.

Customer Testimonials

Well built and well designed!

The red color on this product is nice. The Joule looks great on my desk and does not move around. I like that the power cord is detachable and that it is easy to take on the go. Never thought I would think so highly of a power strip before.

David (Cupertino)

Beautiful and functional

Perfect size and it looks amazing. So much better than what I used for years. Very happy.

William (Amazon)

Awesome Product

I challenged my wife to find a decent looking power bar. I was sure she'd come up empty. Nope! She found a Joule! Since then we've ordered 8 power bars in black, white and red. We love them.

S. McFarlane (Montreal)

Convenience and style

Perfect bedside amenity in the guest room when friends and family stay overnight.

Dan (Ottawa)

Great addition to my desk setup...

The design and workmanship are top-notch. It feels solid yet light enough to travel with. It easily fits in my laptop bag and makes a great accessory when traveling to hotels where outlets are scarce.

S. Shaikh (Amazon)

Fresh Take on the Mundane

Love this product! It's a stylish and modern take on a power strip. It's cute and matches any aesthetic without looking clunky and outdated. Perfect for the modern home (or just people who like cute things).

Angela (Amazon)

A Work of Art

Been waiting for something like this to come out. Joule just completed my office décor and the best part is that it travels with me when I'm on the road. Always a conversation piece, but totally does its job. Brilliant for hotel stays and meetings!

Jo (NYC)

Beautiful and functional

I love everything about the Joule white powerstrip. I have a home office where we often have 5 to 6 people working at the table and there are never enough outlets for everyone to charge all our various devices. Since I got my JouleBAR it's been no problem, we've enough outlets and usb ports for everyone.

Jigisha (Los Angeles)