Oh, 2020, you year from hell. A year we all wish we could forget. 

Armageddon-level wildfires. 

Record setting hurricanes.

The US Capitol attacked for the first time in a couple hundred years.

We lost Kobe and the Black Panther.

Oh, then there’s that global pandemic that brought the world to its knees. 

F*ck you 2020!

You lived it. We all lived it. But now It’s finally over. Good riddance. 


 Yes, the year 2020 was indeed near apocalyptic. And while not so dire, let's talk about something sinister happening in your very home. Let's talk about energy vampires.

Don’t look behind you. They’re in your house right now. And they are DRAINING the very energy out of everything around you, slowly, but surely. In your sleep. While you eat. 

Yes, they can even survive hearing you sing in the shower. They hide in corners you barely notice, and, BAM. They get you. 

Energy vampires take the humble form of power strips with the eerie bodies of devices left plugged in. The monsters have been costing you up to 20% (!!!) of your monthly electricity bill. You’ve possibly been spending $120 per year UNKNOWINGLY feeding them electricity. 

Put that into perspective? The wasted energy from the U.S. alone could have powered 11 MILLION people’s homes. That’s all of Cuba. 

And beyond the wasted energy and wasted money, there are some bigger issues at stake as well. 

What if we told you these same energy vampires are spewing tonnes of toxic, suffocating, poisonous gas into our atmosphere? Would you believe us that these energy vampires are contributing to making parts of our planet combust into flames spontaneously, melting our ice caps and ruthlessly drowning our polar bears and penguins, or drying our rainforests so much, they’ll soon have to be renamed the “rainlessforest”?

These vampires emit the equivalent carbon emissions of about 15 million cars annually. That’s a sh*t ton for a whole lot of stuff that’s supposedly doing nothing. Imagine the massive impact that this has been having on our planet!

Image sourced from Unsplash


Well, we came up with a solution that can help us stop the vampires, and help save the world. 

Iron Man step aside. Here come the Joulers. 

Our JouleBARs have an eco-friendly mode that keeps USB ports on while power outlets are off, so that your power strip is no longer wasting energy and killing the planet.

Game-changing, isn’t it? 

Gearing up to this mode means that no power will be sent to the 110V electric outlets and the built-in lights, saving a bunch of energy that’s not being used. 


What else can you do to ensure that our planet doesn’t go up in flames (more than it already has)? 

1. This one might be a little scary, but we at Joule believe in you. Turn off all of the lights in your house and lure the energy vampires out by finding all of the tiny red LED eyes that are glaring back at you in the dark. 

It’s okay. We got you. We know there’s a lot of them. 

But these are probably your biggest culprits. And their worst fears are JouleBARs, lucky for you! Now that you’ve found the energy vampires, plug them into your Joule and flip the power switch to eco mode. There. So simply, they vanish into thin air. You can thank us later. 

2. Use power strips with an on/off button (you guessed it, also JouleBARs) so that you can cut off the vampire’s energy supply to all of your products when you’re not using them, and feel like a badass while doing so. At the flip of a switch, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that the JouleBAR has your back. It requires minimal effort from you, and you’ll save money in the long run.


3. Once your old appliances peacefully pass, replace them with new energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly models. This will make sure that even if you do forget to flip the switch (happens to the best of us!), less energy is being sucked up. Similar to JouleBARs, other new products are created with the future and environment in mind so that both your home and the planet get an upgrade. 

A solution that allows you to charge your phone WHILE you save the future of our planet.

We built our power strips with the future in mind. 

So, do we call Marvel or does Marvel call us?