The story goes something like this:

One winter day in 2015, our founder and CEO Harp Ghoman, got into a fight with a power strip. Perhaps it was more of a tiff or scuffle than an actual brawl, but you get the idea. He was frustrated and rightfully so. The power strip/surge protector market had been stagnant for decades. So, Harp decided to do something about it.

He put together a kickass team of problem solvers to fix what was wrong with today's power bars. We then launched and successfully funded our Indiegogo Campaign. Proof there are folks out there, like us, who don't like to settle for the status quo.

No longer would we have to suffer the ugly design of power strips, forcing us to hide them out of plain sight (seriously, what would the neighbors say?). We could save our dignity—and save others the view of our backsides—by not having to crawl under our desks to reach an outlet, but instead, proudly show off the beautiful design of our power bar on the surface.

We wouldn't have to deal with power cables that remained attached, driving us to shove the extra cord behind bookshelves and couches, or worse, unsafely daisy chaining power strips when the cord was too short (this is dangerous—don't do it). With Joule, the cord had been freed! And we could finally pick the length we need.

And last but not least, we wouldn't have to fumble in the dark, poking fingers into outlets, just to plug something in. Why not just put lights in the outlets? Brilliant idea! So we did.

At Joule, we've created products that are both useful and beautiful. Our philosophy is simple: There's always a better way, a smarter way, of doing things. That's the essence of Joule.