Wassup Joulers! It’s that time of year again. Although Valentine’s Day will look a little different in 2021, this should not stop you from celebrating all things lovey dovey. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or whatever you want to call or make of it, we have pulled together a few ideas on how you can express your affection and appreciation for your special loved one.

Are you a fan? If your answer is yes, keep reading on and start planning. If not, well, then maybe this is a little awkward. Perhaps something to keep on tap for another time?



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1. Go Big or Go Home

The wanderlust is real, we know, we feel it too. With so many travel uncertainties and restrictions these days, your safest bet is to stay where you are. Staycation anyone? Why not become a tourist in your hometown and book yourself and your loved one into a boutique hotel? In response to their industry being hit hard due to the pandemic, many hotels have become creative and generous with their local staycation packages. They’ve also made it a focus to provide above and beyond cleanliness protocals for their guests. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a great deal?! Say hello to super king-sized beds, cosy white bathrobes and an indulgent, unhealthy amount of room service. We guarantee you will feel like you’re on holiday. Treat yourself!

2. Be Your Own Chef

Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey but make it sexy. You’ve had the whole of last year to practice your cooking and now is your time to shine. Try something new to impress your beloved or cook them their favorite meal but make it memorable. How? You could go super cliché and create an intimate setting with candles and sh*t or, spice things up by changing an ingredient or two, setting up somewhere different like a rooftop of a building or on your living room floor or by playing dress up. We’ll leave this to your imagination.

If you feel you’re really not that impressive in the kitchen, head down to your local grocery or delicatessen to grab some snacks for a picnic in the park (socially distanced of course) – now that’s cute.

Either way, your efforts will definitely be recognized, and you will score some brownie points (wink wink). Pun intended.



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3. Netflix and Chill

The name may say it all, but we also mean taking a regular movie night to the next level. Remember what the cinema is? Well, it’s time to create your own outdoor movie theater. Rent an outdoor screen or invest in one along with a projector and some good speakers, maybe a firepit and blankets too? Once you have the practicalities taken care of, you can create the perfect movie date atmosphere in your backyard or on your building’s rooftop. Don’t forget some intimate mood lighting. And popcorn. Never forget the popcorn. Just remember, you need to power up all this equipment so make sure you have your trusty JouleBAR on hand to help.

4. Find Your Zen

You may be a go-getter, and we love that, but you need a break from the grind every now and then. We are all about self-care here so you can continue reaching for the stars. So, now is the perfect excuse to recreate a spa experience at home. Get your hands on some face masks, run a romantic bath with bubbles or bath salts, pop open a bottle of wine and soak yourself into pure bliss. The pre-game is very important here, so tune into whatever settings help you reach your ultimate state of relaxation. This could be lighting candles everywhere, playing your version of calming music, adjusting the lighting and hell, why not even try out some massage oils? Whatever tickles your pickle.

5. Just Buy The Damn Gift

The pressure is always on with Valentine’s Day, and we know it’s not for everyone. And THAT’S OK. You make your own rules. If you want just to pick up a card, flowers or a gift, that’s totally cool. With endless possibilities, gifting can be a tricky one, and it depends on your significant other. You usually want to go with something thoughtful, but also something practical too. If you find yourself stuggling with ideas, check out our Joules, the “coolest thing to happen to electricity since neon”. Beautifully designed and practical for everyday use, anyone that receives one of these gems will be thanking you.




These are just some ideas for you to show that particular person how much you care for them. Though we are limited this year to what we can do, get your creative juices flowing and try something different. Spread the love.

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